The Local Radio Advertising campaign can support any radio station of the dealer’s choosing. Rates and amount of commercials will depend on the chosen station. 

The reason tens of thousands of local businesses just like yours use radio is very simple:  Radio reaches more people, more often, for less money, with more impact, than any other form of local media.

Radio is the dominant out-of-home media in the US, reaching 93% of your local consumers each week.   Among the thousands of commercial messages that these consumers are exposed to each day, radio advertising is unique:  it reaches consumers when they have little else to distract them.  In fact, the engagement levels for radio advertising (the percentage of people who actively pay attention to the ads) is by far the highest of any mass media.

If requested, MRM&P will provide marketing advice and recommendation based on the best coverage for that dealer. MRM&P will provide group rate information if available upon request. Dealer is never out of pocket and therefore never needs to submit a claim.

Important points about program:

  • Dealers are tagged on a series of radio commercials in combination of Morning Drive Traffic, Primetime Workday, Primetime Afternoon Drive, Full day, and Full Weekend. (varies by market).
  • Dealer receives 50% of airtime in which to promote noncompetitive products and services.
  • Each commercial is exclusive to one dealer.
  • Ads are always pre-approved for Manufacturer Coop.
  • Ads are provided to the Account Manager for reference and will be forwarded to dealer by MRM&P for approval.
  • Ad times are provided to Account Manager for reference and will be forwarded to dealer by MRM&P to hear.
  • Claims are submitted by MRM&P for claims process.
  • Channel Fusion will notify dealer of credit approval and remit Coop credit to dealer. In turn, dealer will issue check to MRM&P.
  • Each package will consist of traffic report sponsorships, weather report sponsorships, and/or full length 60-second commercials (dealer receives as much as 40-seconds of ad). Packages will vary depending on market, dealer station selection and number of dealers participating.