You can now Stream your dealership!

Dealers can now sign up to stream ads through iHeart Radio, which is a streaming service for Android and iPhone users to listen to radio online across the country. Streaming is listening on the go, not just in your car. This is like Pandora, but for radio stations. Anyone using iHeart Radio in your area will hear your ads - no matter what radio station they are listening to. For example, if you are in Dallas, TX listening to a New York radio station, you will only hear Dallas, TX commercials.

All Web Banners will direct traffic back to your website.

The Advantages of Streaming Radio Online

  1. Streaming commercials reach listeners when they can respond immediately with just a click on the radio player.
  2. Streaming spots can use very specific and even multiple "call to actions that appeal to different interests and demographics.
  3. Streaming spots is extremely cost effective.

Important points about the program:

  • The way it works is, anyone using Iheart radio in your area will hear your ads- 
  • Even better, Iheart Radio can target your specific customer base, that way only potential consumers will hear your ads!
  • Ads are always preapproved for Manufacturer Coop.
  • Ever wanted to advertise digitally? We’ll do it for you.
  • MRM&P can get you web banner ads on local radio stations’ websites. Now, anyone listening online or checking the news will see your business.
  • Dealer websites must have a landing page for the specific Manufacture promotion.
  • Web Banners are Manufacture approved.
  • MRM&P can add any logo & business name.